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Access Statement for Owl Barn, Sisland

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests at Owl Barn.


Owl Barn is ideal for people who want a truly memorable self-catering holiday. The open-plan design of the kitchen, dining and living area provides a lovely airy atmosphere which is complimented by contemporary home comforts.

Owl Barn sleeps two people and has one bedroom. The property is on one level and provides a high standard of self-catering accommodation.

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance, please contact us.


We can arrange for shopping to be delivered to Owl Barn in time for your arrival. Please let us know your requirements when booking. Alternatively, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose all deliver to Sisland if you prefer to order on-line. Please request that your delivery be made to The Tithe Barn.

Norwich operates a Shopmobility scheme at the Chapelfield Shopping Centre on Level 1 of the car park. The service offers loan of scooters, electric wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs to people who are either temporarily or permanently disabled and to elderly people with walking difficulties. The facility is very popular, so please book in advance. Call 01603 753350 to book or for general enquiries. The postcode is NR2 1RS

Beactive Mobility Ltd www.beactivemobility.co.uk supplies equipment for hire. Please contact them on 01502 568848 for further details.

Key collection, welcome and car parking

The key can be collected from The Tithe Barn (adjacent to Owl Barn). Alternatively, by prior arrangement, the keys can be left in a key-code box which is 1320mm/52ins above ground height.

Parking is available for two cars on a gravel surface with a paved walkway leading to the barn. Owl Barn is approximately 25m/28yds from the parking area.

The area is well-lit at night by motion sensor lights.

Entrance to Property

The entrance to the property consists of double French Doors. The width of a single door is 730mm/28.75ins wide.

There is one step to the door. An access ramp can be provided.

The entrance is well-lit by motion sensor lights.

The floor-covering inside the entrance is a short-pile door-mat and wood laminate flooring.

Open-plan lounge and dining room

The lounge has a mixture of seating with a sofa and an IKEA Poäng soft chair and footstool – both with non-feather cushions. There is also a low coffee table at 450mm/17.75ins above floor height. Furniture can be moved. The seat height of the sofa from the floor is 430mm/17ins. The seat height of the chair is 410mm/16ins and that of the footstool 330mm/13ins from the floor respectively.

There is a widescreen digital TV with remote control, subtitles and a DVD player.

The dining table is circular with four legs 650mm/25.5ins from floor to lowest point of the table (under-space). The table is 755mm/29.5ins high with free space around half the table.

There are four dining chairs (all moveable) with padded seats but no arms. The seat height from the floor is 430mm/17ins. There is one dining chair with a padded seat and arms. The seat height from the floor is 460mm/18ins. Chair-raisers are available which will raise the height of a chair by 100mm/4ins.

Throughout, lighting is natural daylight and, by night, overhead lighting complemented by table lights placed around the room. The flooring is wood laminate throughout with a short-pile rug in front of the sofa.


There is a 980mm/38.5ins “passageway” between the lounge/dining area and the kitchen.

The controls for the central heating can be found in this passageway at a height of 1450mm from the floor.

The door of the oven drops down and the handle is 740mm/29ins above the floor. The hob is 920mm/36.5ins above the floor.

There is a refrigerator with ice-box available – the highest shelf being 460mm/18.2ins above floor level. The ice-box handle is 680mm/26.75ins above floor level. The dishwasher handle is 850mm/33.5ins above floor level. There is a small counter-top freezer available. The height to the handle is 1430mm/56.25 ins above floor level.

There is a standard size, front-loading washing machine covered by a wooden door, the handle of which is 760mm/30ins from the floor.

The worktops and sink are 920mm/36.5ins above the floor. Glasses and crockery are in the lower cupboards, as are saucepans, bake ware etc.

Cutlery and utensils are in a drawer in the lower cupboards. There is a cordless kettle (rotating 360 ).

The kitchen is evenly lit with halogen spotlights above the whole area.

Flooring is wood laminate throughout.

A night light is positioned outside the kitchen area which provides adequate visibility to move from the bedroom to the bathroom during the night.


Access is via a door opening 800mm/31.5ins wide.

The toilet is 400mm/15.75ins high.

The wash basin is 850mm/33.5ins high with lever taps.

The cloakroom is well lit with an overhead light.

There is non-slip tile flooring throughout.


There is one bedroom with a super king-size bed. The height of the bed from the top of the mattress to the floor is 625mm/24.5ins. Bed blocks are available if the bed needs to be raised.

The door to the bedroom is 800mm/31.5ins wide.

Lighting is natural daylight and, at night, overhead lighting. Bedside lamps are also provided both sides of the bed on bedside cabinets 550mm/21.75ins high.

There is a wardrobe with a handle 1100/43.25ins from the floor. The lower hanging rail is at a height of 950mm/37.5ins.

The top of the chest of drawers is at 1000mm/39.5ins from the floor.

The bedroom offers a good colour contrast between the floor, walls and doors. The carpet is short-pile and the bedding is non-feather.

There is a digital television with remote control and subtitles.

There is a chair in the bedroom with a padded seat but no arms. The seat height from the floor is 480mm/19ins.

A vibrating alarm clock can be found in one of the bedside cabinets


Access to the above is via a door opening 800mm/31.5ins wide.

There is a level-entry, step-free shower with an opening of 1070mm/ 42ins. A shower seat is available on request. The shower controls are at a height of 1202mm/48ins and the shower hose can be lowered to a height of 1208mm/50.5ins.

The toilet is 420mm/16.5ins high.

The wash basin is 815mm/32ins high with a single lever tap.

The bathroom is well lit with overhead directional spotlights and an infra-red illuminated mirror. The mirror light control is 1400mm/55ins from floor height. The mirror has an integrated shaver socket which is 1320mm/ 52ins from floor height.

There is a stool in the wet-room, the seat height of which is 440mm/17.25ins from the floor.

There is non-slip tile flooring throughout.

A shower stool is available. The seat of which is 335mm/13.5ins from the floor.


Owl Barn has a paved patio area which can be accessed from the barn by one step (an access ramp can be provided). A table and chairs, plus a barbeque are available on the patio.

The garden area is approximately 11m/35ft wide and 22m/24.1 ft long with flower beds.

Additional Information

** An emergency call bell can be found on the bookshelf in the living area. This will ring in The Tithe Barn and we will endeavour to come to your assistance. Please use in emergencies only. **

Dogs are welcome in Owl Barn.

All areas of Owl Barn have good colour contrast between the floors, doors and walls. Generally, doors and door-frames are white with walls darker in colour.

The mobile ‘phone reception is good and Wi-Fi facilities are available.

The nearest Hospital with an A&E unit is the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital which is 14 miles away. The postcode is NR4 7UY and the telephone number is (01603) 286286. The nearest Doctor’s surgery, Chet Valley Medical Practice, is one mile away. The telephone number is 01508 520222. Should you need a doctor urgently when the practice is closed, telephone 111.

Emergency dental treatment can be provided at The Guildhall Dental Practice which is 9.7 miles away. The contact details are 0844 8402084 and the address is 9 Upper Goat Lane, Norwich, NR2 1EW.

This Access Statement is available in larger print on request.