Access Statement for the Showman's Wagon at the Tithe Barn, Sisland

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests at Sisland Tithe Barn.


Sisland Tithe Barn, in its rural, but accessible location, is the perfect place to stay whether you are visiting for business or leisure – offering luxurious accommodation close to the historic city of Norwich, the Norfolk Broads and the Suffolk Heritage Coast.

For a truly unique holiday experience in the picturesque village of Sisland the Showman’s Wagon, affectionately known as Elle-de-Vardo, is the perfect way to spend a break under the stars. Inspired by an original design and traditionally hand-built by craftsmen in Norfolk, Elle-de-Vardo, situated within the grounds of The Tithe Barn, offers an ideal opportunity to get away from it all. The Wagon sleeps two adults and one child (under the age of 8).

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance, please contact us.

Key collection, welcome and car parking

The key can be collected from The Tithe Barn.

Parking is available for one car on a gravel surface. The Showman’s Wagon is situated approximately 29m/95ft from the parking area over a fenced-in lawn area which is uneven in parts.

The entrance to the lawn area is either via a side gate adjacent to the cart-shed, which is, at its narrowest point, 560mm/22ins with a step 80mm/3.25ins high and 60mm/2.5ins wide. Alternatively, from the gravel area is a wooden gate which is1330mm/52.25ins wide with a step up of 100mm/4ins and of a width 150mm/6ins.

The area is not well lit.

Entrance to Elle-de-Vardo

There are three wooden steps up to the entrance of The Wagon. The first step is 200mm/8ins from the ground. This step is 275mm/11ins wide and has 250mm/9.75ins of usable depth. The second step is 190mm/7.5ins from step 1; it is also 275mm/11ins wide and has 250mm/9.75ins of usable depth. The third step is 190mm/7.5ins from step 2, is 275mm/11ins wide and has 250mm/9.75ins of usable depth.

To reach the platform outside the doors, there is a final step of 190mm/7.5ins

The platform is, initially, 1110mm/ 43.25ins long - extending to 1800mm/71ins in length and 590mm/23.25ins wide.

The door, of a stable type, is 560mm/22ins wide and 1470mm/58ins high. There is a double lip totalling 60mm/2.5ins in height and 70mm/2.75ins in width, to step over to get into The Wagon.

There are two solar power lights either side of The Wagon.

Inside Elle-de-Vardo

The floor covering inside The Wagon is a short pile rug and wooden flooring.

There are two areas of seating. The seat height of both from the floor is 440mm/17.25ins. The seating depth is 440mm/17.25ins. The length of one area is 1370mm/54ins and the other is 870mm/34.25ins.

The pull-out dining table is 730mm/28.75ins from the floor with clear space underneath. The table is 600mm/23.75ins deep and 600mm/23.75ins wide. The handle to pull out the table is 760mm/30ins from floor level.

There is a storage unit containing cooking equipment, crockery, cutlery etc. This unit is 740mm/29ins from the floor and is 450mm/17.75ins deep and 440mm/17.25ins wide. The unit has two handles – the top one is 600mm/23.5ins from floor level and the bottom one is 240mm/9.5ins from floor level.

There is a small wardrobe area which is 290mm/11.5ins wide. The handle is 800mm/31.5ins from floor height and the hanging rail is 1480mm/58.25ins from the floor.

The height of the main bed from the floor is 800mm/31.5ins. To pull the bed out to its full width there is a lip of 160mm/6.5ins which also acts as a bed frame. The length of the bed is 1800mm/71ins and the extended width is 1410mm/55ins. The un-extended width is 910mm/36ins.

The child’s bed is at floor level and is accessed by a door opening of a width 690mm/27.25ins and a height 650mm/25.5ins. The “bedroom” width is 760mm/30ins and the length is 1700mm/67ins. The handles are 360mm/14ins from floor level.

Non-feather duvets and pillows are provided.

Throughout, lighting is by natural daylight and, by night, there are two wind-up lanterns and two battery-operated touch lamps in The Wagon.

A vibrating alarm clock is available on request.


The Showman’s Wagon has a paved patio area with a table and four chairs.

All the chairs have arm rests. The seat height is 420mm/16.5ins from the ground and the seat width is 390mm/15.5ins.

The table is square with four legs 690mm/ 27.25ins from the ground to the lowest point of the table (under-space). The table is 750mm/29.5ins high with unlimited free space around it. The gap between the table legs is 520mm/20.5ins.

Toilet and Shower Block

The toilet and shower area is approximately 35m/115ft from Elle-de-Vardo. It can be reached via a lawn area which is uneven in parts and only lit by solar lights.

The gate to the courtyard is1060mm/41.75ins wide and the catch is 750mm/29.5ins from ground level on the inner (shower block) side of the gate.

Once inside the courtyard, a concrete and brick path of a width of 860mm/34ins leads to the shower room door.

Access is via a door opening 900mm/35.5ins wide.

The toilet is 420mm/16.5ins high.

The wash basin is 810mm/32ins high with traditional cross handle taps.

The shower is accessed over a lip 140mm/5.5ins high. The shower opening is mm/ins. A shower stool is available on request.

There is a bench in the shower room with a seat height of 430mm/17ins from floor level. The bench is 360mm/14.25ins wide and 1270mm/50ins long.

A cupboard is provided for guests use. The handle is 1100mm/43.25ins from floor level with the bottom shelf at a height of1060mm/41.75ins.

A hook rack is provided with the height of the lowest hook being 1370mm/54ins from floor level.

The shower room is well lit with an overhead light and a lit mirror.

There is non-slip tiling throughout

Additional Information

The Showman’s Wagon has good colour contrast between the floor, door and walls.

The mobile ‘phone reception is good.

There is a battery-operated smoke alarm, fire extinguisher and a fire blanket within Elle-de-Vardo. A fire bucket containing sand stands close to the kotlich.

The Tithe Barn and its grounds are a totally no smoking environment.

The nearest hospital with an A&E unit is The Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital which is 14 miles away. The nearest Doctor’s surgery is one mile away. The telephone number is 01508 520222. Should you need a doctor urgently when the practice is closed, telephone 111.

This Access Statement is available in larger print on request.